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OPS (Oriented PolyStyrene)
A very tough, clear plastics that is primarily used in food packaging, cookie trays, clamshells, one time take out products and deli containers. The orientation process in OPS allows the product to be down gauged and when combined with specific gravity of polystyrene, it makes OPS a competitive selection in food packaging including cold temperature with the freezer grades.

Recognizable Applications:
The plastic trays inside of the nationally branded and girl scout cookies, salad containers at most fast food restaurants and take out clamshell containers.

HIPS(High Impact PolyStyrene)
A very tough opaque material used in food, medical, consumer and horticultural packaging. Unlike OPS, High Impact Polystyrene is not oriented and with the rubber modifiers added to the polystyrene it makes for a tough product. Different grades of HIPS resin make for many different sheet characteristics, allowing for a variety of applications.

Recognizable Applications:
The plastic candy trays, the multi color cups used in picnics, the trays that hold the flats of flowers.

PET(PolyEthylene Terephthalate)
Most frequently used in clear food applications, PET offers a sparkling clear quality that is used in bakery, cold applications and high end printing applications. Recycled PET (RPET) is also used in the fruit and vegetable clamshells area that has been very successful in replacing fiber and injected molded trays. RPET is also being more popular in consumer packaging as it offers an environmentally favorable alternative over PVC. Probably the most recycled of all plastics with many curbside programs accepting PET containers as most soda and water bottles are produced with PET.

Recognizable Applications:
Clear strawberry, blue berry containers in most supermarkets, most of the cake packaging in the big chain stores.

HDPE ( High Density Polyethylene)
HDPE is “the milk jug resin” and is used in food, printing and consumer packaging, and because of its cold temperature characteristics, HDPE is one of the best products in freezer applications. HDPE trays are used in prepared foods such as cut vegetable containers for use in restaurants, institution feeding trays and in protective packaging applications where the tray is integrated with the part and the box to protect the contents in shipping.

Recognizable Applications:
Ice Cream sandwich containers, the flat rectangular board found under a pound of bacon and many of the hanging printed tags you hang on your hotel room door.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
This is the plastic that you can never open up when you buy a consumer product. PVC is a clear, tough material that is well entrenched in consumer products, has a wide thermoforming window and allows for a wide sealing window. Environmental concerns have effected the growth of PVC with RPET being the beneficiary.

Recognizable Applications:
Consumer products such as toys, electronic goods, hanging clamshell for point of purchase and packages where several parts packed in the same clamshell.

PP (PolyPropylene)
The properties of polypropylene allow for a wide range of food applications to printing and die cut applications. Advances in technologies have made PP clear and the flexibility of the resin makes it an attractive material. PP forms the base material in many of the applications where barrier properties are required for shelf life extensions.

Recognizable Applications:
Those tight fitting two piece deli containers that store your left over food in the fridge, the black base of those take out cooked chicken sold at the supermarket and the sealed packages that keep your food fresh.

Polylactic Acid
PLA rollstock material made from resin produced from NatureWorks™ PLA. PLA or Polylactide is a corn based material made from lactic acid which comes from the sugar produced by the fermentation of corn. PLA offers good clarity, rigidity and with impact modifiers good strength in the die cutting and thermoforming applications.

Recognizable Applications:
Berry containers, herb and tomato trays and clamshells typically in refrigerated or room temperature type of applications.

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