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HDPE refers to a plastic used to make bottles for milk, juice, water and laundry products. Unpigmented HDPE bottles are translucent and have good barrier properties and stiffness. They are well suited to packaging products with short shelf lives such as milk. Pigmented HDPE bottles generally have better stress crack and chemical resistance than bottles made with unpigmented HDPE. These properties are needed for packaging such items as household chemicals and detergents, which have a longer shelf life.

Spec Chart
Clarity Poor
Material Origin Petroleum
Flexibilty Tough
Printing Excellent
Temperature Range -200 – 230 F
Water Vapor Good to Excellent
Gas Fair to Good
Acids Good to Excellent
Strong Oxodized Acids Fair to Good
Alkalies Good
Hydrocarbon Solvents Good
Alcohols Good to Excellent
Fat, Grease, Oil Good to Excellent
Specific Gravity 0.97
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