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Rogue River Incorporated was established in 2005 to meet the rigid sheet needs of the thermoforming industry. It was our opinion that the petro chemical industry was in the later stages of consolidation and was in the midst of the globalization of the upstream processes. What we did not see was the globalization of some of the plastic resins or the sheet extrusion markets.

We studied the domestic rigid sheet market and determined that a great deal of consolidation had occurred and that the companies who own much of the extrusion capacity in North America were focusing more internally than externally in the market. This has left the door open for companies to enter the market with newer technology, newer equipment and typically with less of the burden than the consolidators. Rogue River saw the opportunity for the entrepreneur to entrepreneur relationship to flourish once again in the thermoforming market and elected to partner with sound strategic partners and we entered into the market.

Strategically, we also studied the thermoforming tooling market to be symbiotic with our rigid sheet applications.  We believed we could change the model for thermoformed tooling on a global basis, we partnered with Vulcan Plastics Technology and we entered the market in 2009. Vulcan is now one of the largest thermoforming tooling companies in the world, the engineering resources are second to none and Vulcan sells tooling on every continent except Antarctica. For us, not only did we provide additional value to our customers, but to our knowledge we are the only company in the thermoforming sheet market that has our resources to provide a full service solution to their customers.

Today we have geographic representation in the US, Canada and Mexico and offer solutions from all over the world for applications into a multiple of the thermoforming markets and we are positioned with companies that we believe are poised to move the thermoforming markets into the next generation of products.

We have seen tremendous growth since our inception and we have improved the profitability of our customers with innovative new products, outstanding product quality, growth including a broad base of sustainable products and a level of customer service and market intelligence that we feel is unsurpassed in this industry.

Today we are very proud of our company, our growth, our customer base and the long term relationships we have with our supply partners.

As our slogan goes, Rogue River truly does provide “A unique path to profitability” for our customers.

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