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We are a Distributor and Broker of Rigid Rollstock Sheet and Thermoformed tooling  servicing the Thermoforming and FFS Markets.

Our Products include OPS, PET, HDPE, RPET – up to 100%  post-consumer, HIPS,  and PP  film.

We will help you choose the best material with the least total cost for your application.

Please review all the information listed on the products to help you choose the right material.

Featured Products

As the world’s largest producer of oriented polystyrene sheet, Pactiv/KAMA delivers purity, processability and economic advantages that outperform our competition. With the Pactiv/KAMA product offering you will find more gauges, grades and custom engineered specialty blends than ever before, and yes we even have standard colors including a series of translucent colors.

Pactiv/KAMA is the industry leader offering high quality OPS, superior customer service and with the flexibility of our capacity it puts us in a position to quickly deliver product to our thermoforming customers.

With the improvements in our equipment, we have what we believe is the leading Antifog OPS in the market along with our real time gauge measurement system, we have a very controlled and consistent gauge providing a consistency that our customers desire.

Vulcan Plastics Technology North America, is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high quality, precision thermoforming tools.
We understand the North American market and the requirements to participate in the market. We have a number of customers using our tooling in Canada, through out the United States and in Mexico. In fact Vulcan has shipped tooling into almost every major geographical region of the world.

From our facility in Shenzhen China, Vulcan sells complete tooling into both the domestic and international food and industrial market including molds and cutting dies. Vulcan offers a wide range of tooling and thermoforming solutions in a variety of plastic material including, PET OPS, PS, PP, PE, PLA and PVC produced on both cut in place and plug assist equipment.
We can produce tools from a single station to four station formers for almost every major thermoforming machine manufacturer.

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